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Ham Omelette with Rice lunch box

I often make a lunch box like this one. It is important to replenish your energy throughout the day. If you make your own lunch box you won’t have problem with hunger anymore even you are not at home and it really cheap. My lunch box is around 1.5$ and it really fill your stomach and taste good too.


– Chop ham into small pieces or just tear it by hand

– 2-3 eggs depend on how big your eggs are

– Cooked rice

How to?

– Crack all the eggs and beat them in a bowl until you think everything is mix

– Put some soy sauce or alternately some salt in ( If you are not sure how much soy sauce/salt to put in, just imagine how much you’ll put in for your sunny-side-up or boiled egg ).

– Put in a little bit of sugar to make your omelette more tasty or you can use some msg(monosodium glutamate) as well.

– Now put ham into the mix as well and mix everything.

– Now put oil in. If you don’t like oily/fluffy omelette just put oil in enough to cover your pan.

– Now heat the pan ( you’ll know when the pan is heat enough if you put some drop of your egg mix in and it instantly cooked with a loud sound).

– Put your egg mix in.

– The omelette will be cooked fast or flip your omelette once and you are done. You don’t have to mind about breaking your omelette shape, it’ll taste the same.

My description is quite long however this really to do and take very little time as well. Hope you enjoy my lunch box. I’ll try to post more of the lunch box series.


6 comments on “Ham Omelette with Rice lunch box

  1. origamijoe
    August 8, 2012

    I have to know what’s the secret with rice, I either seem to under-cook it or over-cook it and it gets too sticky.


    • PrapatW
      August 9, 2012

      If you can get a good rice cooker, the rice will come out very nice.

      Prapat W.

  2. Jan
    August 8, 2012

    Great job if you have another quick cook menu like this don’t forget to share. Cheers

  3. KwangMeow
    August 8, 2012

    Oh man! You make me hungry during the night ><

  4. Pee Tankulrat
    August 15, 2012

    It’s nice to see a cost estimation for this meal, since your blog usually revolves around easy and cheap cooking. I think it would be a good idea to list the time and cost requirement for each entry?

    I think that’ll help deliver your messages better.

    • PrapatW
      August 15, 2012

      Thank you for your advice Pee Tankulrat.

      Prapat W.

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