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Perpetual Beta

Tim O’Reilly has stated that “Perpetual Beta” is an open development of features in a timely basis that could
potentially involve users for a test trial for real-time monitoring. Basically Web 2.0 that follow this pattern
will continue to update adding useful feature especially at the creation of Web. Users can try and test features in
real time which is easy for developers to adjust the Web 2.0 into the right direction. Features that users don’t
use that much, not that useful, or not needed might need to be remove or update to provide users better

Chrome Web Store   Home

Chrome web store is a Web base store which you can buy and download program for your Google Chrome. It is very
similar to the way people use Google play store with their Android devices. Chrome web store has many application
that are both native or has been ported such as Angry birds, Plants Vs Zombies, and Evernote. These application are
written in Html, CSS, and JavaScript. With power from HTML 5, you can found lots of good applications including
games which you can live without desktop application with just Google Chrome.

Best practices

Release early and release often – Chrome web store has been release in year 2010 and constantly update to improve
its features and API. With new features and updated API, developers can develop good application and also can
update their applications to make old application better.

Engage users as co-developers and real-time testers – Google always use statistics from their users and they also
has split testing to choose the best direction of development from their users.

Instrument your product – Chrome web store is based on Google play store which is successful. Google always go in
the direction that most benefits their users so that they will gain more and more users in each update.


8 comments on “Perpetual Beta

  1. ngjerfen
    May 1, 2013

    Hi Prapat,

    Is Google chrome web store similar to apple web store because i have not known that google chrome has a web store! It is good that they utilize statistics to determine if users are appreciating newly integrated features. Is there any privacy issue base on google chrome web store. 🙂

    • PrapatW
      May 2, 2013

      Hi Jerfen

      I’m a Chrome user and Android user as well so I’m sticking around Google. Actually, you can just use Chrome web store to download free apps without having to worry about anything. Your information will be collected by inputting your Gmail account. That is for you to have payment methods when you want to buy paid apps. In a similar way to Google Chrome web store will collect your apps browsing and download statistic too which I personally don’t mind.

      Prapat W.

  2. sukhshans
    May 2, 2013

    Hi Prapat,

    Google Web Store is always coming up with new features that at this point, no one knows what version it is already. Using HTML 5, they have made many features great such as downloading apps into your browser. With Google, they already have plenty of information from the user and by tracking the way information is accessed, they can find out how the web store is used. How often do you think the updates are?


    • PrapatW
      May 7, 2013

      I’ve seen update log which is around once a month or at least once in three months. I hope to get more features and perhaps more free useful apps to use from Chrome web store in the future.

      Prapat W.

  3. atang28
    May 2, 2013

    Hi Prapat,

    I honestly didnt know about google web store, after checking it out it looks like a great feature where you can download apps from your browsers. So the updates are done even as the store is still accessible, such as adding new apps to the list right?

    Also interestingly i googled it for the first time and there are already recommendations of what apps i want! It has already used my gmail history to gather what i would be interested in downloading, do you think these applications know a bit to much about the user? Can users opt to disable their gmail from google web store?


    • PrapatW
      May 5, 2013

      Hi Andy

      I suppose you use Google as you also have Gmail account. We can’t really avoid Google to know about us since we are using their search engine anyway. We can switch to alternative such as Bing but that will let Bing know more about us instead. Since our Google account have information enough for Google to recommend apps to us, it is better for us to get to apps that we want or we may want faster. It is unavoidable to give your privacy for comfortable. For me, I’m putting what I want people to know about me on social media like LinkedIn and put minimal information of me in scary social media like Facebook.

      Prapat W.

  4. azizalkaldi
    May 5, 2013

    Hi Prapat!

    I just now visited the Chrome Web Store after reading your post. Google seems to be heading in the right direction, as the Chrome web store seems like a launchpad for migrating popular desktop applications to the web. 🙂

    • PrapatW
      May 5, 2013

      Hi Azizalkaldi

      It seems now Google could be everything to us. This offer us comfortable but we also give away Google of who we are. And since we can just entirely depend on Google we might also get hurt when there is something wrong or change about Google. This is what we have to consider when we can get more and more services that make us more comfortable.

      Prapat W.

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