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Rich user experience

Websites use to be plain and simple. With the introduction of Flash, it changes everything. We use to have lots of Flash based websites that we can interact with them in different ways and they are also colorful. Now we rarely see Flash any more but most of the websites still contain what we called ‘Rich user experience’ according to O’Reilly, from many new things such as Html 5. Due to internet connection are getting fast enough so we can do lots of things online. We can live without Microsoft offices now since we can use Google docs instead.


Path of exile(POE) is a MMORPG free online game. I on’t go into detail about the game, instead I’ll talk about its website. I’ve picked this website because it has lots of ‘Rich’ elements. They also have dynamic menus. They also have section where people can plan their character passive skill from a huge skill tree. Since the tree is very big, it allow users to zoom in/out, scroll through all the tree, and also allow users to search for skills they are looking for. They can also provide similar skills you want too.


Not only that you can also save your skill tree and share this with anyone by copy the link below your tree. The link will change according to your tree so you can keep it to yourself or share the link to people to get comments on your plan.

Best practices of

  1. Combine the best of desktop & online experiences – Not only you can plan your tree when you playing the game. You can also access this site anytime to play around with the tree since its give you so many options. In the old time even though we have something similar to help us plan our game character, it’ll be in a form of downloadable program. We can now enjoy Web 2.0 skill tree planner requires nothing for us to download. We can also share our link to others which is even more useful when we want people to look at our tree.
  2. Usability and simplicity first – It is very easy to use. You have 120 point to play around and you can allocate point anywhere next to your old point or starting point. There are also functions to help you such as highlight similar skill and skill search. You can also find shortest path for the skill you want.
  3. Match the technology usage to the requirements – use Html 5 to accomplish this skill tree planner which could only be done previously by Flash. It is very fast too.
  4. Search over structure – As I’ve mention before, they allow people to search for the skill they want whether from name or from skill description.
  5. Preserve content addressability – Since the link will be change everytime you add/subtract point in your tree. You can refer to your old tree or your latest tree easily by just saving your link at any time you want.
  6. Deep, adaptive personalization – The only thing provide suggestion for you is the shortest path. However, there is also forum which you can post your tree and receive feedback from other players.

16 comments on “Rich user experience

  1. atang28
    April 3, 2013

    Hi Prapat,

    HTML5 really is bringing in rich user experiences, never played this game before, however when i visted the page it looks quite appealing, back in the days MMORPG games would be less appealing due to the lack of rich user interaction. Path of exile’s website is certainly quite good not only to view but easy to navigate around. Do you think HTML5 is the way to go in the future in terms of developing rich user interfaces?

    • PrapatW
      April 3, 2013

      Hi Andy

      I really think Html 5 is the way to go for now since Flash has has less support from Adobe. Html 5 right now can do everything flash can do and perhaps even better. It is also fast and easy to understand since it is still Html.

      Prapat W.

  2. omaygadesigns
    April 3, 2013

    Nice post. As a gamer I approve of this, also played this game during closed beta, Not bad. With the flexibility of HTML5 are there any plans for a mobile version of this?

    • PrapatW
      April 3, 2013

      Hi Omaygadesigns

      Since the skill tree planner is written by Html 5, any device that support browser which support Html 5 can open just fine. I can also open it using my smart phone. I think it would be good to have an app or mobile version support but currently it also work fine.

      Prapat W.

  3. sukhshans
    April 3, 2013

    Hi Prapat,

    HTML 5 really is a game changer with multiple new functions to help create many rich user experiences. With the combination of AJAX its really amazing what can be created. With HTML 5 experience I assume it should be able to open on mobile devices too. Does the website allow the application to run when the user internet is disconnected?


    • PrapatW
      April 3, 2013

      Hi Sukshan

      It can be use on mobile devices. However, I’ve never test when internet is disconnected. I’m quite sure that it’ll also work since all the code is there and it didn’t need anything more. Html 5 is really amazing that it allow multiplatform coding and also offline compatibility to some extent.

      Prapat W.

  4. ssarahmccarthyy
    April 4, 2013

    Hi Prapat,

    Just wondering what benefits has to offer in terms of user experience? How does it ‘beat’ other online gaming sites?


    • PrapatW
      April 4, 2013

      Hi Sarah

      I think the most benefit they get from having rich user experience is that more people will have easier time playing the game including new players. The skill tree is very complex so you can choose lots of paths in there. You might not know the best path from the very first time you play. This is to introduce more people to play and to make more people create new characters and try different things.

      Prapat W.

  5. cameronsantry
    April 4, 2013

    Hey Prapat, great blog post I found it really interesting! Their website looks really clean and well thought out. That skill/ talent tree looks pretty sweet, too. looks quite similar in functionality and layout to World or Warcraft’s website as they offer alot of those type of features as well. Both great examples of a rich user interface.

    • PrapatW
      April 4, 2013

      Hi Cameronsantry

      I think having straight forward game play is boring. However, having too complex make people want to give up playing instead. It is a good idea to give rich experience to users so that they will have easier time studying the game and they can enjoy the game more.

      Prapat W.

  6. bronwynsc
    April 4, 2013

    Thanks for posting this, Prapat. I’m not into gaming but I can see the advantages of their ‘rich user experience’. Being on the cloud must be a huge benefit when you want to play games from different locations. There must be a lot of competition in this space. How do you think the big leaders have succeeded in such a competitive space?

    • PrapatW
      April 7, 2013

      Hi Bronwyn

      To be honest with you, the most important thing about the game is the content. However when they have corporate Web 2.0 aspect, they will have easier time in bringing in more customers. Lots of customers are hardcore gamers so they don’t really care much about anything just the game itself. There are still a lot of opportunity for casual player as well. They can be attract by richess of website that not only make the game look interesting but also help them to play the game.

      Prapat W.

  7. William
    April 9, 2013

    Great post, Never play this game before, but I agree that the HTML5 bring many advantages for Rich user experience.

    What else of elements can game companies create other site like this?
    This is a really interesting topic.

    • PrapatW
      April 10, 2013

      Hi William

      It is important to keep your website up to date the same way as your game. If you cannot provide good experiences for your customers when they are using our site, they will have less interest in your game and probably won’t even give a chance to begin with. I think every game should use Web 2.0 tools such as Facebook and Twitter to send message what they are doing with the game to their friends, so that more people will get to know about the game.

      Prapat W.

  8. Guy Richards
    April 11, 2013

    As a Web Developer I would absolutely have to agree HTML5 is the way of the future. The Path of Exile skill-tree planner is a good example but doesn’t even touch on some of the cool stuff you can do with HTML5:

    Great site (from Adobe) demonstrating some current and some upcoming HTML5 content.

    • PrapatW
      April 11, 2013

      Hi Richards

      I already check out your link and the site is amazing. I think that the current skill tree planner of is already take up lot of resources. The tree seems fine as it is however, there are also many part that can incorporate such as character stats and items which can be work together with the current skill tree planner. Thank you for your opinion Richards.

      Prapat W.

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