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Wiki inside and outside organization

Wiki is an information sharing tool which has many to choose from and most of them are free. There are Wiki everywhere but many organization still reluctant to use. The general knowledge of Wiki is an encyclopedia which anyone can add content however, Wiki has a lot more story than that. Wiki can be set to allow only authorize people to add content too. There are many reasons why Global Journey should use Wiki. You can read more ideas that Wiki can do from kilkku.

How Wiki will work?

I’ll divide Wiki into 2 types, internal and external uses. We don’t want every information to be seen by our customers even though they are about travel places such as the price for each hotel that we actually pay. We can also use to share information about journey planning in each place. The rest of information will be allow customers to view and even edit to add more content. This is attract our customers by various information.

Wiki internally

Wiki can keep travel places information in one place so the employees don’t have to do more research about the place that has already been done. Employees can help contribute information about travel places so the work can be done faster. This also help employees to access information about various place easily. In case of a tour guide is absent from work or the user want some information the any employees can use Wiki to answer those need.

Wiki externally

Customers will get to know more about travel places so they will be more likely to go on a travel with the place they know about more than others places. The customers can also know about attraction about various places, shopping places, history about the place, etc. Our previous customers can also help us contribute about their journey with us. There might be information that we might overlook too but Wiki allows people to add those information for us.

Some others Wiki-Alike tools that help

Confluence is a project planning and discussion tools. It work the same way as Wiki that people can have a discussion and put everything in one place.  They can edit or create pages freely. This is very helpful when you need to work as a team.

Wiki is a great tool and I really hope that more people will be willing to use. It will organize your information in one place so it is very easy to access. It also allow many contributors to add contents so the information will gradually added up.





More strategies from my team – Mathilde – Sukshan – Leo – Pei Chi(Kiki)

Interesting read






21 comments on “Wiki inside and outside organization

  1. Jonathan Bird
    October 2, 2012

    Great post, what do you think about using it internally for various purposes such as Training or Rostering?

    • PrapatW
      October 4, 2012

      Wiki can store every information that are need for training as well. The employees can train themselves using only information available on Wiki. This is ideal when we have new employees. We will requires less time for others employees that need to train new ones. What they need to do are already put on the Wiki including some FAQs(Frequently asked questions).


      Prapat W.

  2. sukhshans
    October 2, 2012

    Wiki is a great tool that can be used both internally and externally. However, some issues have to be addressed too. Issues such as security and leak from internal information. While this is something to think about, another issue is the external wiki. Because Wiki can be edited by anyone, it also means anything can be added. To make sure that information added or edited are not inappropriate or damaging, it is important to also check what is written on external wikis.


    • PrapatW
      October 4, 2012

      For internal Wiki, we use only inside the organization and we will also apply social media policy. The leak will only occur by employees that breach the social media policy which is the same thing as they leak the organization information through any others medias. For external Wiki we will need to monitor the Wiki closely. If we get any inappropriate post we can just revert it to the previous version. We can also use approval to see the content after post method. The content will be seen by the creator but not to everyone. The moderator need to approve the new page/edit first to show any changes to the Wiki.


      Prapat W.

  3. Leo
    October 2, 2012

    Hi Prapat,

    We have very similar opinions about the sharing of information in wiki system, and in regarding to the Global Journeys wiki really can help it develop a good platform to get accurate information in places that customers traveled to. It can be a supplementary of the strategy of the solution of problems. And it is a necessary part of the wiki strategies that we have come up with.


    • PrapatW
      October 4, 2012

      Wiki is a great tool for information sharing. It is up to us to come up with the best way to share information and what kind of information that we should share for the best benefits to our organization. Global Journey has a lots of information to share both internally and externally so Wiki is the right tool.


      Prapat W.

  4. Charleston Telles
    October 4, 2012

    Hi Paprat.
    I would add to the list of wiki’s benefits, the ability to find information easily. In other words, wiki style tools such as Jira and Confluence have a powerful search engine. In addition collaborators can subscribe to notification about changes in a specific topic. In my view, information traceability is the most important outcome from wikis.


    • PrapatW
      October 4, 2012

      Thanks Charles, I’ll do that soon. I might be focus too much on Wiki but others tools that is Wiki-alike are also worth mentioning since they basically do the same thing.


      Prapat W.

  5. Caleb Reed
    October 4, 2012

    Good afternoon Prapat,

    Interesting read I appreciate how you discussed the internal and external approaches organisations use to promote fluidity of information.
    Above you mentioned that there would be moderation of the wiki. How would ensure this doesn’t hinder user input? Often if this is not done effectively, users are not encouraged to interact if they don’t feel their input is valued.
    What about organising the wiki? Amanda ( has some interesting to say about building a useful folksonomy.

    Thanks have a good day,

    • PrapatW
      October 4, 2012

      It just a trade off that you need to choose between more security or more easy access. Each organizations will have to decides which path they will choose. First we have to trust our users to not spam or input inappropriate content on the Wiki. We will moderate and delete/revert back the content that not appropriate(and also give them reasons). This approach should prevent a big damage that could happen to us and still allow users to write freely. The only downside is that we need someone to moderate the Wiki and that will take lots of resources for us.


      Prapat W.

    October 4, 2012

    Hi there, It is a great post, really informative. I like it when you talk about internally and externally. However, having rules and responsibility strategy will maintain the proper practices for the individual user and the organisation as well. So by following rules and responsibilities the organisation’s Wiki will maximise the potential success of it and all participant will gain the wiki’s benefits.


    • PrapatW
      October 5, 2012

      Yes Mohammed, we need some rules and regulation to control the use of Wiki the same way as any others social media tools. I’ve talk about social media policy before and its important when you use social media so you can check that article too.


      Prapat W.

  7. aureliequt
    October 5, 2012

    Good job at giving insights of using wikis both internally or externally. As far as I am concerned, I only thought about the internal usage.
    Using a wiki internally seems less risky, as you can allow that only registered employees access the wiki. However, for the external use it might be scary to lose control over what people can edit on the wiki and what they can say about your organisation.
    I would suggest for the external wiki to have moderators monitoring what is being edited.
    However I’m not sure it fits with the wiki culture which is based on trust and collaboration…
    What do you think? How else do you think we could deal with this issue?


    • PrapatW
      October 6, 2012

      We can’t control them and their contents but we still need to trust them if we want our external Wiki to be resourceful and have many contributors. Our moderators will have to maintain the content of the page but that is only one part of the story. Don’t forget that our contributors will not appreciate much if their contents got edited and replace with inappropriate contents and also they won’t like post that will damage their love Wiki too. These people will be a great help to our moderator to protect our Wiki.


      Prapat W.

  8. paulbrouard
    October 8, 2012

    Hey Prapat,
    I like the idea of using Wikis both internally and externally. You might want to have a moderator of the external wiki though, as you never know what people can rewrite or add. I mean Wikipedia can only have accurate content thanks to their moderators working 24/7 to track misinformation that some people could have add wether its on purpose or not. But I think its a great use of wikis that could really boost your company’s productivity 🙂


    • PrapatW
      October 10, 2012

      For Global Journey, we don’t have as many people as Wikipedia have which are people from around the world. We can’t rely on content management to the employees alone because it’ll take too much resources from us to have Wiki in control for 24/7. We need to rely on our community to help us moderate our Wiki for us.


      Prapat W.

  9. shaungoossens
    October 8, 2012

    Hi Prapat,
    Nice post, good explanation of using the wiki both externally and internally. Was going to ask a question about security but saw that you have already answered them successfully in the comments.
    – Shaun

    • PrapatW
      October 10, 2012

      Thank Shaun, the security is really important for Wiki and any others social medias. We still need to rely on the good side of people on the internet to help us achieve the best result.


      Prapat W.

  10. ilovebrisbane
    October 9, 2012

    Hi Prapat
    Wiki is a optimal tools for corporations.Internal of Wiki generate creativity of employees and external of Wiki improve knowledeges of readers. I think wiki also is communicable tools between editors and company.

    • PrapatW
      October 10, 2012

      For external Wiki, it is a place where people around the world including us and our customers to communicate. There is a lot of contents in Wiki that will be a medium be tween people. There is also a discussion board when we want to further explore more about any topics.


      Prapat W.

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